A New Green Wall for the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks


Earlier this month, ASLA Arkansas coordinated a one-day charrette as part of the Year of Public Service to determine the best location, size and form of a green wall to be installed this year at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks. The Garden received a donation for a Green Wall and reached out to ASLA for help. The landscape architects involved in this charrette were able to use their expertise to design two potential green wall installations for potential installation later this year.


The first solution is elegant and simple, allowing the garden staff to implement the design as soon as their schedule permits.



The charrette team provided a section, elevation and a perspective view of the proposed wall design.  This particular design would be integrated into the entrance to the event room at the garden with two small green walls situated at the edge of the covered entry. g4

The second wall design is larger in scale and would be constructed north of the butterfly house and west of the garden shed.  It consists of two sweeping walls with the path between.  Designers provided a perspective view of this wall and will continue to work on more detailed drawings in the next few weeks.

Photos and story submitted by Melissa Evans, ASLA.

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