Designing the Jake Sportsman Memorial Garden

John S Park Garden

When Jacob Sportsman—a 22 year old Las Vegas resident serving in the US Navy—passed away, the Las Vegas group Green Jelly decided to build a memorial garden for his family and friends with the help of Nevada’s ASLA chapter (NVASLA).

kids planting

Since Jacob was interested in healthy eating, a vegetable garden at John S. Park Elementary, a local school, seemed like a perfect fit.

planting day1

Caryl Davies, NVASLA President and NVASLA member Anna Peltier of Aria Landscape Architecture worked with the school, students and Jacob’s family and friends to help design the garden in a way that represented Jacob’s life and beliefs.

planting day3

The garden, built with the help of children from the school, included raised planting beds for fruits and vegetables, a labyrinth made of perennial herbs, a sensory garden, and an outdoor study area.

sensory garden


*Story and photos from NVASLA

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